About this blog

About this blog...

This blog is the brain-child of two best friends, separated by distance and distinctly different methods of preparing food. The purpose of this blog is for Deanna (the Vegan) to share her recipes- simple, healthy, and delicious- with the world, while Jennie (the Officer) gives her take on how easy (or not) it is for a non-vegan, non-cook to prepare said dishes.
Let the ridiculousness ensue.

About the Vegan...
Deanna is currently formerly a jobless hobo, hanging around southwest Michigan, going to school, and feeding the homeless.  She likes red wine, intelligent conversation, and long walks on the beach.  She has been vegan for 6-ish years, and is currently enjoying typing in the third person.  Throughout the life of this blog, Deanna will be dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, nuggets of knowledge, and anything else clever regarding veganism and health and related topics.  She is also super willing to answer any questions you may have.  (The answers might also be written in third person.)

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  1. hello
    discovered Queen Peas- they cook them in coconut milk with a hint of cinnamon. Favorite dish Peas, coconut milk, onions, cinnamon and rice. Peas a huge, thought small beans would be a good thing to try it with.
    From the Islands